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OAKVILLE, ON - The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce it has achieved a milestone of 1,200 members, representing more than 40,000 employees. Among the top five Chambers of Commerce or Boards of Trade in Ontario, the Oakville Chamber is one of the largest associations in Oakville. 

“We are delighted to reach this milestone of 1,200 members. It shows the value the Oakville Chamber brings to the business community. We look forward to continuing to represent the growing voice of Oakville’s business community” stated Caroline Hughes, Chair of the Board, Oakville Chamber of Comme ...



Protect Competitiveness while Fighting Climate Change, Canadian Chambers of Commerce Tell Governments

Ottawa, July 25, 2017—Ensuring Canadian business competitiveness while addressing the threat posed by climate change will require closer collaboration between governments and the private sector, or we risk losing on both fronts, say the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and provincial and territorial chambers in a letter sent to the Prime Minister and the provincial and territorial Premiers today.

Posted on 25-07-2017

Multi-billion-dollar LNG project cancellation a loss for Canada: Chamber

Present market conditions and the uncertainty businesses face when investing have resulted in Petronas and its partners cancelling a $36-billion project that would have brought major employment and investment opportunities to British Columbia and Canada. Whatever the combination of reasons that resulted in this decision, the effect is a loss of jobs and opportunity for Canadian families. 

Posted on 25-07-2017

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