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Canadian Services Coalition

Who We Are

The Canadian Services Coalition (CSC) is Canada’s only pan-service sector association voice on international issues. CSC advocates for policies that ensure the Canadian services sector remains competitive through the liberalization of barriers that inhibit Canadian services exports and investment. The services sector accounts for employment of four in five Canadians, and represents over 70% of the Canadian economy.

Trade in Services Issues

The CSC works to advance its issues through trade agreements, as well as trade and investment policy mechanisms.

Some of the barriers the CSC works to overcome on behalf of its members include:

  • Restrictions on a service provider’s ability to enter the market because of economic needs tests or work permit requirements.
  • Inability to provide services due to lack of recognition of professional qualifications.
  • Requirements to establish a commercial presence in order to provide a service.
  • Foreign ownership restrictions, which prevent companies from providing services.
  • Local data restrictions that require information to be held on domestic servers.
  • Restrictions that inhibit e-commerce.
  • Access to procurement contracts in foreign markets.


Global Services Coalition

Given the international focus of the CSC’s mandate, we actively work with our international counterparts through the Global Services Coalition (GSC) and the Asia-Pacific Services Coalition (APSC) to advance shared priorities on trade negotiations in regional, bilateral and multilateral settings.

Becoming a Member

The CSC invites all Canadian companies, from the traditional services sectors and those in the manufacturing sector whose businesses include pre-sales and warranty services, to join our efforts.

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