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Policy Resolutions

Every year, member chambers of commerce and boards of trade, along with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s policy committees, are invited to submit resolutions of a national scope to our policy process. This process culminates in a democratic vote on the floor of our annual general meeting.

Following approval at the AGM, we, along with our members, can move forward in our advocacy efforts based on the resolutions contained within our Policy Resolutions Books. Each resolution, once approved, has an effective lifespan of three years.

Policy Development Process

Representatives from member chambers of commerce and our policy committees are the only members who can submit resolutions for consideration at the AGM. The following documents will help members prepare a resolution for submission to our policy process.

As we move forward, here are some important dates to remember in this process:

  • June 3: Deadline for submitting resolutions to Brighid Meldrum,
  • July 13: Resolutions are reviewed
  • August 17: The ebook of proposed resolutions is posted on our website and available for your review.
  • September 9:  is the last day to submit amendments for circulation to delegates prior to arrival at convention
  • September 17 : Caucus meetings take place at our AGM and Convention
  • September 18, 19: Policy debates take place at our AGM and Convention in Regina

We look forward to working with you as you formulate your chamber’s policy work leading into this year’s AGM and Convention in Regina.

Policy Resolution Activity Updates

Throughout the year, members are updated and advised of the action(s) taken on each policy resolution.