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Sponsorship Opportunities

Policy Projects

Support a stronger, more competitive Canada

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s power to influence public policy is very much enhanced by sponsored projects. With expert advice and financial support from sponsors, we are able to conduct analyses and develop recommendations on various subjects of importance to Canadian business—a true benefit of being an organization with a broad business perspective. In the last few years, the Canadian Chamber has made a significant impact on issues surrounding a skilled workforce, international trade negotiations, natural resource trade and environmental sustainability. With each project, the common denominator was the strong support of sponsors.


Excellence Level Partnership Program
Join us as a Canadian Chamber of Commerce Excellence Level Partner and you will be supporting important national initiatives as well as providing your own customers, employees, suppliers and other vital stakeholders with tangible evidence of your organization’s commitment to excellence and to the success of Canadian business. 

AGM & Convention | September 21-23, 2019 | Saint John, NB
Our AGM and Convention brings together over 320 chamber of commerce executives and community business leaders to discuss the economic and political issues that affect the prosperity of Canadian business.

Artificial Intelligence Project 2018-2019
We will be undertaking a comprehensive project that aims to facilitate the continued freedom to operate in Canada's burgeoning artificial intelligence development industry.

Canada-China Roundtable Series

Help shape the policy responses with respect to the Canada-China relationship by working through Canada’s largest cross-sectoral trade association. Position your organization within the business community as a leader in Canada-China relations.

Canada’s Resource Champions: Resources of the Future
The project’s strategy will leverage the power of the Chamber network by reaching out to our 450 Chambers of Commerce and boards of trade to circulate these stories and reach a national audience.

Regulatory Competitiveness Series 2018-2019
The increasing costs of regulatory compliance and uncertainty affects Canadian businesses of all sizes in all sectors and is a significant barrier to improving Canada’s competitiveness.

Thought Leadership Roundtable Series
The Thought Leadership Roundtable Series will bring together business, government and academic leaders to share strategies and expertise and discuss how to foster and increase the competitiveness of Canada. This series will ensure the Canadian Chamber’s messaging on behalf of your industry is heard by Canadians and the government.

Lessons in Reconciliation Project

Many Canadian businesses are ahead of government in reconciliation with Indigenous peoples/businesses and their experiences are of huge value to the government as it moves forward with its own initiatives.



For more information on how your company can contribute, please contact:

Melissa McGee, Director, Corporate Relations & Sponsorship | 416.868.6415 (3236)


Thank you to our Excellence Partners