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International Business Leader of the Year Award

October 8, 2020 | Four Seasons | Montreal, QC

Our International Business Leader Awards (Leader of the Year and Lifetime Achievement) were established in 1992 to recognize business executives from Canadian companies whose visionary corporate leadership has allowed their company to develop a strong, competitive Canadian presence in global markets. In addition to the honorees’ professional achievements, all recipients have demonstrated generous philanthropic endeavours.

Our Leader of the Year recipient is Barry F. Lorenzetti. Mr. Lorenzetti is an entrepreneur, builder and corporate leader in the insurance industry in Canada. Under his leadership, BFL Canada has become the country’s largest private employee-owned and operated commercial insurance brokerage and consulting services firm. With over 750 employees in 16 cities across six provinces, BFL Canada was ranked one of the top 150 brokerage firms in the world and, as a founding partner in an international venture, Lockton Global LLP, is represented in over 140 countries worldwide. Mr. Lorenzetti is also a philanthropist and has been heavily involved in community service and supporting charitable organizations for many years as well as sitting on a range of boards. More recently, he decided to carry out a project that is dear to his heart, which is creating a foundation to advance mental health in Canada: The Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation.

For more information on this event, please contact Megan McElwain at or at 416.868.6415 (3228).