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National Cannabis Roundtable Series

Unlocking Canada’s Cannabis Opportunity

As federal party leaders crisscross the country promising economic growth and asking for votes, chambers of commerce are asking candidates from all parties to commit to measures that will help Canada realize the full economic potential of its burgeoning cannabis industry. As the first G20 economy to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use, Canada has a historic opportunity to be a leader in what is becoming a global industry. However, a number of public policy barriers remain that are impeding new cannabis job growth and investment in Canadian communities.  

Join Fire & Flower, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, provincial and local chambers, members of the National Cannabis Working Group, key decision makers, influencers and industry players to discuss the opportunities in this emerging sector and develop key cannabis policy recommendations for Canada’s next federal government.

Past events

October 7, Edmonton, AB
October 8, Winnipeg, MB
October 9, Regina, SK
October 10, Vancouver, BC
October 11, Calgary, AB
October 15, Ottawa, ON


Each session will be two hours long. These events will be open to a limited number of attendees (between 25-50) and will be in both a moderated discussion and open conversation format.