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Mining Capital report cover

Today, we issued a report entitled Mining Capital: How Canada Transformed Its Resources Endowment Into a Global Competitive Advantage. In our report, we examine how Canada has leveraged its metal and mineral endowment not just by extracting and processing raw materials, but also by creating and marketing the knowledge of how to develop these resources. While Canada has successfully transformed its resource advantage in mining into a competitive edge across several connected industries, including the vast array of suppliers, service providers and professionals that help support miners and prospectors both in Canada and abroad, we need to ensure the factors that made us the global leader in the sector are strengthened. New investments in both physical and intangible infrastructure are needed to maintain our competitive advantage in mining.

Mining Capital demonstrates how a strategic focus on resource-based industries like mining can serve Canada well in the fierce competitive environment of the 21st century. Many Canadians do not realize that Canada is a major mining country and a top 10 producer of 17 key metals and minerals including potash, uranium, aluminum, sulphur, nickel, diamonds, gold zinc and copper. The extraction and processing of these materials is an important part of Canada’s industrial sector and an essential source of GDP, jobs and government revenues.

For more information, please contact Katrina Marsh, Director, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at

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