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Yesterday, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport announced that a statutory review of the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) will be conducted. The Review will be led by the Honourable David Emerson, with the support of five advisers. The recommendations from the study are expected to be submitted to the Minister by late 2015.

The Review requires a comprehensive examination of the operation of the Act and certain other acts pertaining to the economic regulation of transportation. In addition to reassessing a host of public policy issues that impact the transportation sector, the examination will focus on specific issues that impact the Canadian aviation industry.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has been calling for policy responses to the weakening position of Canada’s tourism sector and has identified several issues in which the federal government could act to reverse our decline. We have watched with frustration as the aviation industry has become increasingly uncompetitive, and we consider yesterday’s announcement to be a pivotal step for supporting tourism within Canada.

We are pleased that the Review will include a critical examination of cost-competitiveness factors that impact the sector. Armed with accurate information about all costs, the federal government will now be able to craft informed policies that will help improve competitiveness within the aviation industry.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce applauds Minister Raitt for her leadership and dedication to strengthening Canadian aviation policy.

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