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The free movement of goods, services, capital and labour between all parts of the country is urgently needed

On Aug. 13, we, along with our provincial chamber partners, sent a letter to the Council of the Federation ahead of its meeting, taking place later this month, to urge Canada’s premiers to remove the barriers to internal trade and mobility.

The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), which governs Canada’s internal market, was negotiated 20 years ago and does not respond to today’s economic and commercial realities. While there have been some helpful changes over the years, the agreement as currently written no longer does our economy justice. Internal trade barriers continue to impede the free movement of people and goods between Canada’s provinces. Such barriers often arise as a result of minor differences in standards, certifications or regulations. The red tape these differences impose on businesses and the economic toll they place on our competitiveness have become intolerable.

New international trade agreements, like the one with the European Union, are much more ambitious and comprehensive in scope than the AIT. As Canada continues to remove barriers between our country and the rest of the world, it is time to make the creation of an integrated, efficient Canadian economy a priority.

Read the letter.

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