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This morning at an event on Parliament Hill, we launched our national elections platform, A Canada that Wins. This document provides the political parties with a list of priorities the business community wants its next government to address. Chief among these concerns is making Canada more competitive.

By presenting this document early in the pre-campaign stage, we are setting the stage for collaboration with candidates and parliamentarians in crafting forward-thinking, long-term public policies that foster a globally competitive business sector. In order to concentrate our efforts, we have applied a laser-like focus on competitiveness and have grouped public policy priorities into the four factors that are critical to business competitiveness:

  • Access to a powerful workforce
  • Access to capital
  • Access to technology and innovation
  • Access to markets


These four key areas were identified by our members, from small enterprises to multinationals, as the priority targets for immediate change in order to allow Canada to compete on the global markets. Canada is racing against the greatest competitors in the world’s toughest marathon—the global economy—and we are losing ground to the frontrunners. Our next government has to provide us with the policy tools to turn this around. Canadian businesses will have to face many challenges in the years ahead, but we at the Canadian Chamber are confident that the next government will hear us. By working together, we can make our country a more prosperous nation, a more competitive nation. We can help shape a Canada that wins.

Read A Canada That Wins.

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