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Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launches Why Canada's Natural Resources Matter to You, an infographic designed to illustrate the economic impact of natural resources in the various sectors of the Canadian economy.

We Canadians often consider ourselves simply fortunate to occupy a territory so rich in natural resources—some good luck that has little to do with innovation and enterprise. However, while nature gave us trees, ores and mineral deposits, they don’t produce prosperity unless someone extracts or harvests them and someone else buys them.

Canada’s real prosperity comes from the smart and sustainable approach it has taken to the development of its natural resources. Our natural resource advantage is something that Canadians have created, not simply something that we have inherited.

Today, we want to showcase some of Canada’s accomplishments in responsible natural resource development. Let me give you an example of the success that comes from developing natural resources in an intelligent and conscientious way: Calgary-based Titanium Corporation is developing a system to prevent oil sands tailing waste by transforming them into valuable products. Titanium Corporation’s technology will dramatically reduce the environmental impact of oil sands tailing while recovering economically valuable products, such as residual bitumen, solvents and heavy minerals like zircon and titanium, that would otherwise be lost.

Canada and its provinces are world leaders in the creation and implementation of environmental protection measures. By continuing to develop our natural resources smartly, we can increase the positive impacts that are outlined in our Why Canada's Natural Resources Matter to You infographic.

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