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Climate Change and Canadian Business

In December, the UN climate change conference in Paris (COP21) will convene representatives from almost 200 nations in an attempt to negotiate a new global agreement on climate change that focuses on reducing green house gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels.

Most countries, including Canada, have publicly submitted their climate change action plans in advance of COP21. Canada’s is challenging enough—a 30% decline in emissions (from 2005 levels) by 2030.

But the new government has said it will be even more aggressive.

What does this mean for business? In order to curb emissions, businesses will need to reduce fossil fuel use or develop technologies to reduce emissions. The sweeping nature of the national plan that will be needed to meet Canada’s target is daunting, and Canadian business will face many serious challenges as it is deployed.

The Canadian Chamber will be attending COP21 and we will provide you with periodic briefings on developments in the negotiations.

As the promises of Paris become the implementation plan here at home, we’ll keep you informed, while ensuring business has a strong voice at the table. Canada’s economic competitiveness needs to remain central to the discussions.

Read our introductory briefing note.

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