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Past surveys have left the federal government with the impression that the Canadian business community lags its international counterparts on the adoption and use of Internet technologies. In 2009, we conducted a survey with Canadian business to get a sense of what people were using the Internet for. It has only been seven years since that survey but in those seven years technology has grown exponentially all around us.

We’re updating our survey to find out if the government has the right impression? Do we lag in Internet adoption? What do we use the Internet for? Are we using the Internet to be productive? Do we use it for social media and social activity? Does business limit its use of Internet technologies because connections are poor in certain regions of the country? Or is it that the cost of connecting is too expensive? Tell us what your experience is.

As the national voice for the whole business community, the Chamber periodically needs to grab a snapshot of how businesses are engaging on a specific issue in order to put forward the best policy advice to the federal government. This “screen-grab” will focus on how business is adopting and using Internet-based technologies so that we can provide sound advice about the deployment of broadband, incentives to adopt new technology and cyber security.

You may start the survey now.

For those who complete this survey, (and provide their name and contact information) you will be entered into a draw to win an iPad Mini. Your personal information and any information about your specific business will remain confidential. Although your name and contact information is not required to complete the survey, it is required to be entered into the draw. The draw will be made on Monday, January 16th and the winner will be announced on the Canadian Chamber website.

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