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If you ask around your office, chances are your colleagues would agree that diversity and inclusion are important to any organization, but a diversified and inclusive workplace requires more than just passive approval, it requires action. We live in a diverse society, and it makes good economic sense for businesses to mirror that.

Diversity and inclusion should not just be an area of compliance for organizations. It should be a strategic priority in an organization’s business plan. We have developed diversity and inclusion policies to not only allow us to grow our organization but to demonstrate our commitment to developing a workplace  that is representative of all sections of society through acts that give equal opportunity to all.

We are calling on our members to take the initiative and create workplaces that are more inclusive. A diverse workforce is in the best interest for businesses. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace foster creative thinking, innovation and problem solving—providing organizations—and the country—a competitive advantage.

We recently held a webinar to educate our members and staff on our diversity and inclusion policies and to help guide members in developing their own. Some of the key measures businesses can take to become more diverse and inclusive workplaces include:

  • Assessing your organization’s strengths and challenges in terms of diversity and inclusion
  • Developing awareness of how cultural beliefs, attitudes and practices may influence your workplace
  • Fostering a work environment where individual differences and the contributions of all team members are recognized and valued
  • Analyzing your human resources processes to ensure hiring and progression opportunities are available to all staff based on merit
  • Developing your staff’s cultural competency and communications skills
  • Outlining strategies or policies for your organization to adopt


Click here to listen to the webinar.

Click here to view our diversity and inclusion policies.

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