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You look up from your computer, your cellphone is buzzing and your files are scattered all over your desk. You spend more time than you would like to admit reliant on these items around you, yet, would your chamber be able to function without them? What would you do if your cellphone was stolen, your computer was fried by lightning or your members’ files were ruined by a burst water pipe? The items around you are all an integral part of your organization’s success, which is why protecting your chamber and its assets has never been easier with the Business Protection Program.

The Business Protection Program, offered by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is a complete one-stop business insurance package available only to our members. The plan offers peace of mind by bundling key insurance coverages into one convenient package. Best of all, we made sure to keep the rates competitive and affordable for our members.

Your chamber has many assets, such as office space, valuable papers, computers and office equipment, that all need to be protected from potential risks. Major risks, such as fire or water damage, can devastate your chamber’s success. In the event of a disaster, you may need to temporarily relocate to another office. Business interruption insurance will take care of those costs and cover your loss of earnings until you are back in business. While property and contents coverage, as well as equipment and computer breakdown coverage, will ensure your invaluable items are protected.

Insurance is not only for major disasters and emergencies but for crime as well. The Business Protection Program offers you crime coverage on crime-related events, such as employee dishonesty (theft) and loss of earnings and securities, both inside and outside of your premises. We all know cybercrime is on the rise. With no organization being immune to electronic security breaches, comprehensive cyber network security coverage is imperative for your chamber. Coverages include network security, privacy violation, cyber extortion and crisis management.

Accidents happen. Even with the best intentions, an employee of yours may slip and fall at work, or you may inadvertently damage of a piece of a client’s property. General liability and umbrella coverage will protect you and your chamber from these situations.

Every chamber of commerce has a board of directors that can be exposed to unique risks. Not-for-profit directors and officers can be subject to allegations of breach of common law duties, breach of duties owed to their members and statutory liabilities imposed by federal or provincial laws. That is why the Business Protection Program offers director and officers liability for any actual or alleged negligent act, legal costs, damages and settlements.

The income and revenue streams of not-for-profit organizations such as chambers are often the subject of scrutiny by Revenue Canada, our built-in legal expense and tax investigation fee coverage will come to your aid in the event of an audit. If you think your chamber might face legal action, or want to pursue legal action against another party, you have  access to legal advice from lawyers who specialize in the area you need help with.

If you want to ensure your chamber continues to prosper, look into protecting your organization from any possible threats with the Business Protection Program.

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