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With society evolving at an ever-changing rate, member-based associations must adapt or else they will be left behind. In order to remain relevant, they must find a way to position themselves to ensure life-long members. Staying ahead of trends is one way. At our AGM and Convention, membership expert Cathi Hight explored how the following trends are affecting chambers and member-based associations. She also offered some helpful tips for adapting to these trends.

Data and Technology Trends

The rise of virtual engagement is the most important trend. With social media and websites, it is necessary for organizations to find ways to engage with their audiences through collective experiences in order to stay closely connected with them. In addition to virtual engagement, organizations can implement big data segmentations systems to predict their membership’s needs before they happen. This can be done through analytics and nichification of data.

Societal and Political Trends

It is important for chambers and associations to shift in their advocacy to be a driving influence in their communities while remaining fact-based in order to build trust with their membership. With declining societal trust, it is imperative for organizations to remain competent, consistent and transparent in order to earn loyalty from members.          

Workplace and Workforce Trends

Workforces are as educated as ever and member-based associations must foster education-work initiatives and support their regional economies with resources and affinity programs. Also, many new social dynamics have emerged in workplaces that organizations must become accustom to, such as more millennials, empowered women and immigrants in the workplace. The shift in focus for these three new social dynamic trends are an asset to any workforce when implemented.

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