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Last week, our AGM and Convention wrapped up with our debates for the 63 policy motions which were tabled. This marked the end to my first AGM with the Canadian Chamber, which was hectic and exhausting, but a beyond rewarding experience.

From the first provincial caucus meeting I stepped in to, it became clear that this was more than an event, but a gathering of influential people who were all committed to supporting and creating lasting opportunities for Canadian businesses.

The sessions held were an avalanche of valuable information. From learning about trends affecting chambers to how to shape the next workforce to new economic opportunities, all the participants truly took part in a larger conversation to help our economy.

Alongside the chamber network, I had the privilege to hear from esteemed leaders in the business community who have the capability to truly drive change, such as Cathi Hight, Minister Hadju and our President and CEO Perrin Beatty. The conversations they lead gave our network not only the inspiration, but the tools needed to make a difference for their own communities. 

The AGM was also an opportunity to build on my own source of relevant connections within the chamber network. With organizations from all over our nation gathering for the AGM, it was a rare opportunity to interact with them face-to-face, rather than through e-mail or social media. Our local evening and Gala Dinner allowed me to build relationships on a personal and professional level with the other delegates.

It is safe to conclude that I am looking forward to attending #CCCAGM19, which is sure to foster more valuable discourse and put forward additional policy resolutions that will allow for Canadian business competitiveness.

To learn more our advocacy efforts, which are shaped by the policy resolutions passed at our AGM and Convention, click here.

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