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As of today, the adult recreational consumption of cannabis is legal in Canada. Deloitte has reported that the total market potential of cannabis in Canada could be as high as $22.6 billion per year when considering production, distribution, paraphernalia, tourism and business taxes.

At this year’s AGM and Convention, we held a special panel discussion with cannabis industry leaders discussing economic opportunities and policy issues facing the cannabis sector. The panellists highlighted that municipalities across Canada have seen significant new business investment in their communities, in addition to the expectation of better public safety and public health outcomes by having legally regulated businesses serving cannabis consumers. Despite this, the cannabis sector is facing a heavy regulatory burden from all levels of government that may undermine legitimate businesses’ ability to compete with the illegal market.

To watch the highlights of the panel discussion, click here.

We also presented a webinar lead by Fasken Institute, to help prepare organizations for the legal implications of cannabis in the workplace. Some of the key takeaways for businesses included:

  • Although you can consume cannabis, it does not mean it is always prohibited. Treat it like your alcohol policies in the workplace.
  • Organizations have the duty to accommodate disability, therefore cannabis use for a disability is acceptable, likewise if it is considered an addiction.
  • Workplace policies should focus on impairment rather than finding out what substances they are using. Impairment could include cannabis, alcohol, fatigue or many other factors, which is why impairment must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


To listen to our full webinar, click here.

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