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Our Hill Day events are where Canada’s business community, parliamentarians and federal officials come together for the shared goal of building a Canada that wins.

Yesterday, we held our 2018 Hill Day in Ottawa, which included meetings that focused on seven key areas – Agile Workforce Strategies; Climate Sector Policy & Resource Competitiveness; Economic Capacity Building for Indigenous Peoples; Innovation; International Trade Diversification; Trade and Transportation Infrastructure; and Tax Competitiveness – each one critical in helping Canadian businesses thrive and continue to support strong middle class.

Competitive companies are strong and profitable companies. When businesses are profitable, they grow. When they grow, they invest in new technologies, new processes, and new products. They retrain their employees, and they hire new staff. That is good for business, good for government and good for Canada.

We look forward to continuing to leading the conversation and hope that yesterday’s discussions foster progressive thinking and provide a framework for concrete actions that governments and businesses can incorporate into their respective planning.

To look at photos from our 2018 Hill Day, click here.

Thank you to the sponsors of our 2018 Hill Day, their support is critical to our success as we continue to advocate for a more prosperous and competitive Canadian economy.




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