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The Canadian Chamber supports our members in building relationships that will help their businesses thrive and building relationships with groups that are often under-represented in business is not only the right thing to do, it’s critical to our national competitiveness and well-being. Informed and respectful engagement between businesses and Indigenous peoples is one aspect of this, which is why we want to congratulate the Winnipeg Chamber on its Truth and Reconciliation Roadmap (TRR).

Indigenous peoples are the youngest, fasting growing component of Canada’s population. It is imperative that businesses embrace initiatives that advance inclusivity to attract and retain talent and to reflect its customers and community. Ultimately, truth and reconciliation is about acknowledging where we’ve come from and engaging in meaningful and respectful relationships.

The TRR will serve as a guide to provide businesses with the focus and resources to achieve engagement and assist the business community in demonstrating the role it must play reconciliation.

The Winnipeg Chamber’s TRR offers the following key strategies, actions and associated resources, each of which can be tailored to an organization’s goals and capacity:

  • Develop an internal training strategy to educate all levels of staff on Indigenous history, Residential Schools and culture
  • Develop an internal Indigenous engagement strategy
  • Enhance HR practices to attract, hire and retain more Indigenous workers
  • Implement procurement practices, actions and partnerships
  • Reinforce relationships and support Indigenous communities through community involvement

For each strategy, various links to resources and organizations are provided to assist businesses with development and implementation. Key to any strategy and action is a commitment organization-wide, led by champions that will take responsibility to see the initiatives come to fruition.

 “We know there is more than one way to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills, attitude, and changed behaviour that is required to be successful on this journey. The truth and reconciliation journey can be an emotional one, but our hope is that the discussion becomes part of regular dialogue and that Indigenous knowledge and inclusion becomes part of a regular ongoing way of being,” said Jessica Dumas, Chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and Member of Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation, Treaty 2.

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