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Ottawa, June 1, 2017 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is holding A New Era of Public Safety and Security: Innovating the Service Delivery Model, a conference on the need to keep Canadian police services sustainable, and to examine how this can be accomplished through public-private partnerships with private security firms.

“The costs for police services are increasing and unfortunately it creates great fiscal pressure on everyone,” said the Hon. Perrin Beatty, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “This current path is unsustainable. We need to find a solution in order to keep Canadians safe with manageable costs. Public-private partnerships are a viable way to do that.”

Currently, police officers are required to perform tasks for which their training is not required, such as detainee services and transportation, traffic management and administrative support. Having the private security firms to perform police support services would allow police officers to focus on tasks that require their specialized training.

“Allowing a private security guard to handle routine functions would free up a police officer to perform the specialized tasks they are trained for,” said Mr. Beatty. “This would not only be an economical solution, but create a more effective and motivated police force, dedicated to preventing and investigating crimes and keeping the public safe.”

The private security sector is subject to strict regulations and oversight. There are now more than 140,000 licensed guards available. According to the Montreal Economic Institute, having police support duties performed by the private sector could generate substantial savings, with some estimates of over 50%.

“Now is the time to examine our current policies and make a concerted effort to improve them,” said Mr. Beatty.  “The private sector can offer a wide array of resources to assist our police forces in protecting our cities and our citizens. We should be taking a close look at any solution that would allow police officers more time and freedom to use their specialized skill set. 



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Guillaum W. Dubreuil
Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
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