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In the 1970s, Canada was the world’s second most popular tourist destination. By the 1990s, we fell to the tenth spot, and now in 2014, we are fighting to stay in the top 20.

Over the last several decades, it has become increasingly evident that tourism, as a public policy issue, continues to fall off the books.

There is hardly a community in Canada that is not affected by tourism, and many rely upon it as their economic foundation. Across the country, local chambers have been long supporting the sector because it provides direct and indirect employment to local communities.

In this episode of the Voice of Canadian Business, host Mary Anne Carter sits down with the Canadian Tourism Commission’s interim President and CEO, Greg Klassen, and Michele Saran, Executive Director of Business Events Canada. This discussion highlights why Canada is struggling to remain competitive within this sector, and underscores the role and impact Canada’s Tourism Industry has on the economy.

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