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Entrepreneurs, their innovations and their companies are critical to fueling economic growth and prosperity in Canada as well as making us more competitive internationally. Industry Canada has observed that entrepreneurial/young firms face unique challenges that result in a very low survival rate and an even lower growth rate.

The Canadian Chamber is committed to contributing to Canadian businesses’ competitiveness and in learning where it can bring value to assisting entrepreneurs by identifying obstacles to—or opportunities for—them including where government can serve as an aid, as opposed to an obstacle, for growing new and growing businesses.

In this episode of the Voice of Canadian Business, host Émilie Potvin sits down with Richard Payette, President and CEO, Americas, BDO International and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. They discuss how entrepreneurship is important to Canada’s competitiveness. Canada's productivity—and the innovation that is so closely linked to it—continues to lag behind its international competitors. Canada needs more entrepreneurs and it needs to help current entrepreneurs not only survive, but thrive.

This episode is only available in French.

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