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What Do We Do?

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the only national organization representing more than 200,000 businesses on national and international issues. Serving as a unified voice for Canadian business, we advocate for public policies that foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Canada.

By mobilizing a vast and diverse network to influence the policies, regulations and decisions that are critical to creating a competitive business environment, our goal is to create conditions for all Canadian businesses to thrive.

Whether you represent a chamber, a board of trade, an association or a business, we can help you maximize your opportunities for success.


10 Ways Membership Works for You

  1. Provides you with timely industry insights and up-to-date policy information to help you make decisions.

  2. Provides services you need to boost your productivity, save money and help you achieve your goals.

  3. Connects you to over 450 chambers, reaching over 200,000 Canadian businesses – your future customers.

  4. Lets you contribute to policy development and advocacy initiatives that will have a positive impact on the Canadian economy.

  5. Allows you to foster connections through key networking opportunities.

  6. Elevates your company’s brand through various sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

  7. Gives you the opportunity to influence international policies and standards that help Canadian businesses.

  8. Gives you access to export services, such as document certification and ATA Carnets, to save you time and money at the border.

  9. Seeks your participation in thought provoking roundtable discussions that directly affect your business interests.

  10. Raises your company’s profile with the government, decision-makers and business leaders.


Membership Opportunities

Business membership

Chamber of commerce and board of trade membership

Association membership

Download the benefits of membership at-a-glance


Businesses and Associations
Alexandra Miceli
Officer, Corporate Relations & Sponsorship
416.868.6415 (3232) |

Ian Faris
Senior Vice President, Chamber Network Relations and Advocacy
613.238.4000 (2233) |


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