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5 Minutes for Business

Every other week, we release 5 Minutes for Business, a publication written by Hendrik Brakel, our Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy. In these publications, Hendrik briefly describes current issues that affect the Canadian economy and provides insight on what it will mean for Canadians today and the future.

5 Minutes for Business: Mr. Trump and the Economy: Making Bond Yields Great Again (December 6)

In this brief, Hendrik Brakel takes a close look at how Mr. Trump’s presidency has already impacted the global economy through the rising of bond yields and what lies ahead for the future of Canadian Business in 2017.

5 Minutes for Business: Keep Calm and Climate On (November 22)

In this brief guest writer Katrina Marsh examines the burning questions regarding climate change and Trump’s presidency as well as what Canada must do to ensure that uncoordinated policies do not erode competitiveness.

5 Minutes for Business: United States of Shock (November 9)

This brief examines the jaw-dropping results of the U.S. presidential election and asks the questions, what comes next and what does it mean for Canadian business?

5 Minutes for Business: On November 8, Will the Fever Break? (October 27)

This brief examines the state of the U.S. economy and what policymakers and business leaders can do if the U.S.’s improving economic circumstances don’t calm this Trump fever.

5 Minutes for Business: Are We Ready for the Next Generation of Small Business Owners? (October 11)

This brief looks at the mass retirement of business owners and how we can ensure the continued success of existing businesses.

5 Minutes for Business: Trade Trouble: We’re Headed for Two Years of Zero Growth (September 2)

This brief looks at Canada’s struggling export performance and outlines three actions Canada must take to improve its export outcomes and grow the economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Building the Skills to Pay the Bills (and Rule the World) (August 23)

This brief looks at the skills challenge Canada is facing and what needs to be put in place to address it.

5 Minutes for Business: The End of Growth (August 9)

This brief looks at the causes and solutions to diminishing economic growth in rich countries across the globe.

5 Minutes for Business: Global Backlash: Is it Time to Rethink Our Approach to Trade? (July 26)

This brief looks at the numbers behind the rhetoric on trade and what is making consumers so angry about trade.

5 Minutes for Business: Crash Dammit! Have Canadian Real Estate Prices Climbed Too High? (July 12)

This brief looks at the reasons and effects of soaring housing prices, as well as the very real possibility that the bubble will burst in our faces.

5 Minutes for Business: Fail Britannia! What the U.K. Exit Vote Means for Business (June 29)

This brief looks Brexit vote results, their impact on the economy and what Canada needs to do now.

5 Minutes for Business: Is Manufacturing Dead? (June 14)

This brief looks at the state of the manufacturing sector in Canada.

5 Minutes for Business: Pension Intervention: How to Fix the CPP without Tanking the Economy (May 31)

This brief looks at how the government can help Canadians save for their retirement without hurting the economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Shhhhh! Why Privacy Regulation Could Stifle Innovation (May 24)

This brief looks at how new privacy regulations could negatively impact innovation and other aspects of business in Canada.

5 Minutes for Business: The Soaring Costs of Alberta Wildfires (May 17)

This brief looks beyond the human impact of the Alberta wildfires and evaluates the impact they will have on the Canadian economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Top 10 Global Risks—One of Them Is “Yuuuge” (May 3)

This brief looks the top 10 global risks to the economy and the trouble they could spell for Canada.

5 Minutes for Business: Navigating the Storm – How to deal with a Volatile Global Environment (April 19)

This guest-written brief looks at how the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board manages our money and makes the most of the current situation.

5 Minutes for Business: The Federal Budget and Business: Maybe They’re Just Not That into You? (April 5)

This brief looks the measures that will affect business contained (or left out) of the federal budget.

5 Minutes for Business: The Canadian Dollar: Revenant or Titanic? (March 8)

This Leo-themed brief looks at the state of the dollar – will it rise from the dead like the Revenant, or sink like the Titanic?

5 Minutes for Business: The Budget Is Coming! (February 24)

This brief looks at what we could expect in the federal budget.

5 Minutes for Business: Rise of the Trumps – Why Populism Is All the Rage (February 9)

This brief looks at the economic roots of why populism is on the rise all over the world.

5 Minutes for Business: Gathering Storm: Why Markets Are in for a Wild Ride in 2016 (January 26)

This brief looks at how portfolio rebalancing is pulling money out of riskier investments and the effects that is having on global markets.

5 Minutes for Business: Dealing with Downturn - Is Infrastructure Spending the Answer? (January 12)

This brief looks at whether the federal government’s plan to speed up its infrastructure spending is the solution to stimulate our troubled economy.