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2016 Archives

Generation Innovation: The Talent Canada Needs for the New Economy (November 2016)

This report outlines recommendations for businesses, governments and post-secondary institutions that lay a path to creating a workforce that can not only adapt, but lead in a changing economy.

Only the Smart Survive: How Canada Can Remain Competitive in Manufacturing (October 2016)

This report examines how the use of modern technologies, policies and incentives can reverse the decline in Canadian manufacturing, particularly in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, clean-tech and biotech.

Seizing Six Opportunities for More Clarity in the Duty to Consult and Accommodate Process (September 2016)

Our report outlines six opportunities for the Crown to improve its duty to consult and accommodate process and improve relationships amongst businesses, Indigenous communities and government.

The Infrastructure that Matters Most: The Need for Investment in Canada’s Trade Infrastructure (June 2016)

Produced in cooperation with the Canada West Foundation, this report advocates the need to invest in trade-enabling infrastructure in order to maintain Canada’s competitiveness in global markets.

Canada's Next Top Trade Barrier: Taking International Regulatory Cooperation Seriously (April 2016)

This report sheds a harsh light on current issues surrounding regulatory cooperation between Canada and its trading partners and provides the federal government with a series of recommendations for improving Canada’s regulatory regime.

Canada’s Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness in 2016 (February 2016)

This ongoing initiative aims to direct attention to the key impediments that are preventing Canadian businesses from reaching their full potential and, in turn, Canada from improving its productivity and economic prosperity.

Crystal Ball Report (January 2016)

This report examines the most significant economic, political and technological issues facing Canadian business in order to forecast critical opportunities and challenges in the years ahead.

Immigration for a Competitive Canada: Why Highly Skilled International Talent Is at Risk (January 2016)

This report looks at our current immigration regime and how Canada risks losing its competitive advantage when it comes to attracting highly skilled international talent. It also proposes quick and efficient fixes to ensure policies and processes aren’t standing in the way of talented people coming to Canada.