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2017 Archives

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: Compliance Experience Survey Results (November 2017)

Along with our partners at the Canadian Marketing Association, the Email Sender and Provider Coalition and the Retail Council of Canada, we issued a survey to gauge the CASL compliance experience of Canadian organizations after three years of the CASL regime.

Canada’s Business Checklist for Trade Negotiations with China (September 2017)

This paper sets forth a business checklist for strengthening Canada's trade and investment relationship with China.

Stuck in Traffic for 10,000 Years: Canadian Problems that Infrastructure Investment Can Solve (July 2017)

This report examines the effects of various deficiencies in infrastructure, ranging from traffic in major cities to access to broadband internet, improving the Ontario-Québec trade corridor with the U.S., lack of new pipelines and the unexplored potential of Canada’s North.

Coming Together, Making Progress: Business’s Role in Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples (May 2017)

This report calls for closer collaboration between business, government and Indigenous peoples for real progress to be made in the reconciliation process and makes recommendations for a productive path forward.

Cyber Security in Canada: Practical Solutions to a Growing Problem (April 2017)

This report examines the growing threat of cybercrime to Canadian businesses and makes practical recommendations for closer collaboration between government and the business community to develop a new cyber security framework in Canada.

Ten Ways to Build a Canada that Wins 2017 (February 2017)

This document lists the 10 opportunities Canada can seize right now to regain its competitiveness, improve its productivity and grow its economy and outlines the specific recommendations we will advocate throughout the year.

Canadian Business Speaks Up: An Analysis of the Adoption of Internet-based Technology (February 2017)

This report benchmarks Canadian businesses’ use of technology, compares technology adoption rates to other countries and makes policy recommendations to the government of Canada.

Crystal Ball Report (January 2017)

This report examines the most significant economic, political and technological issues facing Canadian business in order to forecast critical opportunities and challenges in the years ahead.